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Contains Expansion Stories I've wrote starring various Anime and Game Characters.

Giantess, Breast Expansion, Age Progression, and Shrinkage stories can be found in here.

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Asuka by GrumbleRoar

Her hair seems a bit stiff looking, but I like the style none the less. Her head is still a bit too small, but the little fine sharp li...

Ten Years Later - Digimon by GrumbleRoar

Not bad, a simple Age Progression Drawing. Though not to be too harsh, kind lacks background wise. Which would have probably been bette...

Outside Waitress pg 2 by Oxdarock

The concept, "Uneven Growth" can be very cartoony, but this is just plainning cute. I love how she gets the growth spurt she desires, t...

Roxie by GrumbleRoar

Let first say this, the hands look GREAT! You finally got it, now off to the more improtant things. The lack of a background sadden me ...

Hhmmm, sometimes I have to wonder If I am just kidding myself or not... I can't find good detailed GTS stories or at least ones that don't have FMG or WG... or even ones that know how to make a slow detailed growth happen and one where she is freaking out and not enjoying it... But anyways, I know 98% won't read this, let alone comment. But I do know I have a handful of friends on here. even if you don't comment or see this, I know who you guys are. I feel that I have grown borded of all the BS on my group :iconexpansionwriters:, DA it's self... and just the over all community as a whole.

When I started writing, people were harsh as hell to me and were such :censored: to say in the nicest way, though I found a few that didn't give up on me and liked my stuff, I don't remember how I found DA, but I enjoyed the first few years, but now this site has become ugly and a massive joke... Folks use to care and you could find a lot of good stuff on here, but now you have folks who can't even follow there own rules they made and they don't seem to understand the fair use act and there stupid, you drew a underage character and blah, blah, bull crap. I don't even want to hear, well this is their site they can do what they want, that is :censored: and you know it, if they followed there own rules, then it wouldn't be a problem, now I can agree sex and such is too far, but drawing misty from pokemon with huge breasts isn't againt the law! How stupid do you have to be!?

But enough of DA staff BS... I mean really I do rant a lot and especialy over things I care about. But that is just it, you people don't listen because all you care is getting your fix and being on your way. Just because something is popular, doesn't make it good. I'm looking at you Weight Gain Fetish... I mean for a example, a lot of these fetish sites use to be good, but now it's overloaded with laze WG flims, what happen to all the awesome Breasts Growth and even GTS growth!? But to put it all simple, I am almost done with all this!

Folks use to care, and I use to have no problem getting comments and all that good stuff. But since I don't add anymore, that means it's my fault? No it's everyone who doesn't support folks like me faults! A comment or two goes a hell of a long way and maybe some friendly advice on how to improve would also go a long way. To be honest, this whole community is killing my soul. I am so stressed that I am starting to hate writing or even reading the damn stuff! So I hope everyone is happy, I know I wasn't the greatest, but I had a pretty good following, especialy for someone who's grammar was less than average at best. Another problem is, I would leave this site to go somewhere else, but too many people I care about are here and let's be honest, stupid rules here, but it was a great site at it's time.

I also having something written over on :iconexpansionwriters:

My last possible words before I go and leave forever or come back when ever. Prove to me that any of you give 2 cents about my work and others like me. Comment all and fav what you like. I am dead serious folks, I may never come back, and do I care? Really I don't, I know a handfull will miss me and thank you to those, though the rest of you... can just :censored: BURN!!

-Terror of Death out.
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The Terror of Death
United States
Current Residence: Unkown........
Wallpaper of choice: Forest Camouflage
Skin of choice: Human Skin
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard from Hellsing and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid
Personal Quote: I am the sin know as wrath!!!!!

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I hope things are going well for you. Glad to be on spring break, I just wish I could take more advantage of it...
I'm doing so, so... Also I wish I could do the same ^^;
efron241 Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good to see you again
it's good to see you back
LonaireofAstora Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the watch!
No, thank you the watch :D
EspadaDelOscuro Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You live! :la:
Quick question what happened to 13reacl?
Don't worry bud I already got some answers. :)
We... Don't know. He may have just quit the site.
Dang....well thank you.
EspadaDelOscuro Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't blame him for leaving. This site's full of cyber-bullies, and admin acts like they don't care. :(
(1 Reply)
Kruzer Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Have you seen this?…
Yep and it got funded $1,000+ over :) Now the waiting game, I really hope their is detailed growth and nudity, but more importantly it's better than attack of the 50ft cheerleader.... :/
doomboy911 Sep 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Dude I just realized we haven't talked in like forever.
Yeah ^^; So have you've been doing?
doomboy911 Feb 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Not much really buddy just trying to start a group focused on growing as writers and artists.
Hhhmmm, what's the problem with it?
(1 Reply)
McSteel Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:winner: Congrats to your 300K!!! :dance:

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