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Contains Expansion Stories I've wrote starring various Anime and Game Characters.

Giantess, Breast Expansion, Age Progression, and Shrinkage stories can be found in here.

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Marlee Dakimakura (Body pillow) by Jyles-Jin

I must be honest. I wasn't as impressed with this one as the last one I Critiqued. But that isn't to say this is bad in any stretch of ...

Marlee's Growth by Jyles-Jin

I will be frank, I am not a fan of (chubby anything) But I was impressed by the POV of this drawing and I felt this deserved a Critique...

Happy Planet Hug by Ifrit9
by Ifrit9

a simple yet massive impact drawing (No pun) The conveniently placed censored was a brilliant idea. It was witty and creative. The draw...

Samus (Updated) by Domo-Sensei

Your choice of Samus, from the Metroid Prime Game Series was not a bad choice and the overall look of this piece speaks that. It is pur...

Zelda and Hilda (Updated) by Domo-Sensei

I haven't ever played a Zelda game, but I do know the characters and some of the stuff behind it. I must say this captures the, "wind w...

Too Small.... by KayTheYatagarasu

Body Transfer with undersized clothes, not a bad combo. I know this doesn't count towards as TG, since this is more in the lines of a m...

Yep, my group :iconexpansionwriters: has just hit 400,000 pageviews today! I am so happy right now, though I could be happier if a certain something else would increase in numbers on there... But anyways, please go on there and give my group some congrats and to it's staff and members for helping us reach this huge goal. Well that was all I wanted to say. Right now I am working on some stuff to finally post on here that I enjoyed writing. Well I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend and if that isn't your thing, then just have a good rest of the weekend then my friends and watchers.

A Shout-Out :megaphone: to two folks currently doing Requests for me.
:iconrez14: / Patience is a Virtue (part 1) -…

:iconpettyexpo: / Fear of Heights (part 1) -… 

Please be sure to check them both out and their respective galleries. Also be sure to fav and comment them as well! Don't forget, we need to stop this rash of faving, but no commenting! Thank you both for taking up my requests.

===Old Journal Entry===

Well, well folks... I guess this is doomsday since I finally posted something. Yes you read that sentence right. The hack know as RedAceGod has finally added something after 2 :censored: Years of nothing... *Sigh But this is with out some bad news, the thing I posted was the final chapter to the 150K Club Collab of my Group :iconexpansionwriters: which I really drop the ball on since you can see when you go over there, we are nearing a massive 400K hit! So again, another long overdue and almost never completed piece.

I honestly didn't want to finish it for many reasons and there are just too many to list to be frank. But I can promise, it if it done again. There will be some rules to make the flow better and just better written since at some point it wacked out... But anyways, this is the quickest piece I have ever written in my life. This was all written in a day. The detail is nice, but I truly hate it. I almost just deleted it several times when writing it and I almost feel like going to it now and removing it. I really don't think it's even close to being good and I feel even worse for the long overdue wait and just flat out, "Is Canceled!" (Robot Chicken Joke...) So if you see it as crap, you are not going to surprise me, so honestly just save it. Not trying to be mean, but I have dealt with so much unnecessary BS on here the past few years and especially on the GROUP I RUN!  

This place was great and yeah I had to deal with some trolls, bad mods, and even worse rules... but the friends I've made on here are the ONLY reason I haven't just said :censored: to this place and left. And maybe I just like feeling sad, I don't know. But my spirits in writing have been restored to a certain degree. Which I can thank three things for that, My friends on here, My personal Pokemon Story I've been writing for my friends (It's non-fetish), and the recent small boom in some good GTS material finally! Which I thought was dead thanks to a certain other fetish taking over...

But I digress here. I finally added something and another something shouldn't be far behind. Since I finally got this off my chest and I can finally start back up again. And before I end this, please folks, if you are reading this. Comment on stories! Anything would be nice, but we prefer some reasons why you like it and such. Drawings always get more comments and the likes. So please show your support to writers on here and the whole internet. A fav is nice, but a comment makes it better and let's us know you like our stuff. This also goes for journal entries as well. If you are going to watch someone and/or fav their work. Then show them you are willing to go the extra mile to show them you appreciate them. Since that was one of the reasons I stopped writing.

But I was reminded how it felt when folks cared, thanks to my OC pokemon story to my friends. It reminded me of the passion I was had on this site. So let's all try to do our part and support each other. I write, comment, and the likes. Hell I even post folks account on my journal entry to help them out. Do I want anything in return? Nope, but they appreciate it none the less. If you all want quality expansion stories to continue, you need to do your part and comment, fav, and spread the word. Well that is the end of my epic rant. If you read this, please leave a comment and spread the message I spoke of. We can make DA the great place it so long use to be. We just have to give a damn.

On a lighter note, today marks 8 Years on DA here. Honestly I thought I would have left a long time ago. But I'm still here or... at least part of me is anyways. I wish I had something better to have posted on here for my 8th Year on here, but I don't sadly and honestly the way I feel about it matches how I felt on here for the last 2 years or more. Well thank you to anyone who read this all from the first word to the last. You are one of the very few good folks left on here. Well everyone take care and I will be back when I post something better. Red out!

I hate the new #tag system... Urrggg!


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:icondarkainarts: Here is a link to buy the Fantasize 1 -…








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[Projects] /

*Pokemon XY GTS story. Thanks to :iconkruzer:'s drawing…

*:iconcomicalloner: Short Story for him based on his art from this -…

*Re-Do of my first Story I ever Wrote on here (22% Complete and Working on)

*Sword Art Online Size Changing Story (pending)

*Attack on Titan GTS story (pending)

*Special OC Story for Feorath (16% complete)

*:iconredacegod350: & :icondkilla390: Collab
Story idea/Fullmetal Panic Fu Mu Fu  (80% complete) - (pending)

*Special Pokemon Story for the 4 Years I've been on here. (unknown)

*Metroid Prime GTS / Idea from a Drawing by :iconpogojo:… (10% Complete and Working on now)

*100K Growing problems (80% complete)

*200K Growing Problems (unknown)


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