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Contains Expansion Stories I've wrote starring various Anime and Game Characters.

Giantess, Breast Expansion, Age Progression, and Shrinkage stories can be found in here.

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by Ifrit9

If this were a real game I would so play it. It has a nice front and back cover and shows all the detail you would normally see on a vi...

One of the worse places to grow, but makes for a amazing place for the viewers to experience. I love the choice of clothing is this one...

I'm not a wrestling fan, but I get the vibes of someone who is a fan of it. Your subject is once again perfectly portrayed and detail i...

Another great one and once again, you hit the mark critically when it comes to expressions. Also I didn't mention this is my last Criti...

First I must applaud the background the subject is in. It truly gives that movie theater feeling must of us enjoy and it really draws t...

Wow this is very nice. I love the strain you gave her cleavage. It looks quite realistic and the overall anatomy looks correct for the ...

[Edit - 11/20/15]
All man, I am getting slammed with the holiday rush... But don't worry folks. I am going to work on some stuff in-between work. But I won't be on here for a few days unfortunately :( But like I said, I will be trying my best to work on some stuff for you and I hope to have a new story up before 2015 is over with. Thank you all for answering my questions, I like to see more answers so please, if you haven't answered my questions below, please do so. Also I edited question 4 to what it was suppose to be... sorry folks ^^;

Also thank you all for the nice little blast in pageviews as of late! I see they are dropping again, but hey! It was fun to see 100+ views a day while it lasted. Please continue to support my page and support others, even if their work isn't GTS related or what not. We appreciate it. Also before I forget, the anime The Seven Deadly Sins is now dubbed by Netflix! The whole freaking series! And it does have a giant girl as a character, but with that aside it's a great anime. Be sure to check it out. 

Lastly I don't know if I will be back in time, so just in case.

Everyone, have a Happy Thanksgiving! :wave: And even if you don't celebrate it for whatever your personal reason is or whatnot. Be sure to be thankful for what you have and to enjoy the family and friends you have around you. Until next time ^_^


Phew! Well folks I am currently working on I believe three separate stories?! Now I'm not overdoing myself before anyone gets worried ^^; I'm just trying to work on each a little here and a little there. I really want to get some more content on here since I don't like being unable to for untold periods :/ But whatever the case, I'm hoping to have at least one more story up before the end of 2015 for you all. That will make me so very happy since that means I was able to post 3 stories in a 4 month period. It basically puts me back to what I was able to post back in the old days, just better writing is all ^^;

But anyways, I hope you all have been enjoying my two latest stories. I really need the :iconcommentplz: and :+fav:s folks, you don't know what it means to folks who write and/or draw stuff. Whether it's a kink or not, it goes a long way and helps us improve our work and makes us feel important. So please, when you read or look at something, try to take the time to comment on it and if you liked it, fav it! It isn't that hard. But with all that out of the way. I want to thank everyone for my sudden boom in pageviews, it has made me very happy, I mean I'm getting 90+ a day?! That is amazing and I believe what I use to get back in the old days, so thank you for that little treat! I know it probably won't last, but I'm enjoying it while it last.

Now to ask some Questions, this isn't a rant or anything folks. I just need to know what your thoughts are, since this has been something bugging me for a long time and some keep mentioning it. So please answer the questions honestly. If you are just going to be rude or what not, I will just ignore your comment and if it's bad enough, I will hide it. So let's take this seriously, please.

=Important Questions=
(1. Are my Newer Stories better than my Old Work? If so, explain why.

(2. What can I do to improve my work, please explain on what I can.

(3. Should I try to do more Shrinking Stories or stick to my GTS themed stories?

[Edit] (4. Would you like to see more chaptered stories or one-short stories like I have been doing?

(5. If I were to try a Different Expansion, what would you like to see me try? Explain why. (Please don't say Weight Gain or Giant Males, I can't stand either ^^; Anything else is okay.)

(6. Would you like to see me do more OCs? Yes/No?

(7. Do you think my OC themed stories are better than my Fan-Fic ones or do you prefer the other more?

(8.  I know my old work was poorly written back when I first started on here, but a lot of you had said it had Heart? So I guess what I'm asking is, does my current work still have this heart or have I lost it?

(Final How did I impact you personally?

-Group Questions-
(1. Do you prefer :iconexpansionwriters: the way it is now or do you prefer the way it was when it was first opened? Explain your answer.

(Final. Do you prefer :iconfans-of-gts: the way it is now or do you prefer the way it was when it was first opened? Explain your answer.

=End of Questions=

Sorry for all the questions folks ^^; But this is some stuff I would really like to know, since this is some stuff that has bothered me for a long time. I know I am forgetting a few to ask, but I can't think of them at the moment :( So please answer them all and honestly. Thank you all for the support you've been giving me. I know I complain quite a bit, but it's out of frustration... But I am glad to know I do have a Loyal fan base, it maybe very small, but damn you guys are the best :hug: and are great friends. So please continue to support me and others. We need a tighter community on here and elsewhere as well. We can change the whole it's a kink excuse, because that's what it is, a excuse, just like why people don't fav or comment fetish works... But I'm done talking about that mess. I do have some new stuff below, so be sure to check through it all please. Everyone have a good weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving, until the next Journal :wave:


[Edit 11/20/15]
Apparently this no longer going on, but they did manage to reach their goal none the less. So that's a good thing, I feel kind of silly being late on this... but oh well, they made it and that's all that matters.

My friend :iconbioyugi: has this posted in his journal and it's for a really good cause. So please check out the journal link below and help support :iconchuckmanx:'s goal to helping the kids. If you can't donate, then try to spread the word anyway you can.

CHARITY GAMING STREAM!Almost go time, boys and girls!
Raising $200 for the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, starting in 45 minutes.
Going to ease into the day with some single-player games, and see what happens as my helpers/co-streamers come in. ;)
Binding of Isaac: 8-9 (ish)
Fallout: New Vegas: 9-11(ish)
Lunch break (not a game, but very important!)
Donate here!
Additional info here!

Best of luck to you all, I hope you reach the goal and then some :peace:

==New:iconlotp75: Related News==

Lotp75 is throwing a contest!! It's based off his, "Archer's Syndrome" idea he made. It sounds really fun and I would try my hat in it, but can't enter due to rules. But that's alright, Anyways all the rules and such can be found in the link below, please be sure to read them. And show your support to the rest of his gallery as well when you check him out.

:spotlight-left: Archer's Syndrome Contest :spotlight-right:…
Contest ends January 15th

Also my good friend :iconlotp75: has posted a new story that my GF :iconbluefoxmask: requested. It is a little short, but holy crap it's greatly written, just what you would expect from his writing ^_^ Here is the link to that was as well /

The Incredible Growing Goth Girl: Chapter One    Nine year old Nari is just an average Korean girl who is sitting in the middle of her fourth grade class, doing nothing more than listening to her teacher’s lesson. She is completely unaware of the fate that the gods have planned for her. She prefers to by her goth name, Artemia, which translates to moon goddess, and by the will of those gods, she is going to become just that, a goddess.
    Artemia starts to shuffle in her seat, as her clothes start to feel a bit odd on her body, she would even go as far as to say that they were beginning to feel a bit tight on her. But she passes this off as her being restless as she continues to take notes. She has no idea of the transformation that her body is starting. The next thing she knows is that her platform boots are starting to feel a bit snug on her feet, and they are slowly becoming tighter by the second. Her wrist bands are twisting and contorting as they begin stretch out a bit. Her pant legs are rising up


:new: [Helping out some Friends, Read Below]
:iconneme303: has posted a important Journal Entry. Long story short, Patreon has basically screwed him over and he needs some cash for bill and the likes. Check out the journal entry below, to view his rules. His commissions have been brought down in price, so if you have some money laying around, please let him know. This could be a like a early Christmas present for yourself. 
Emergency Commissions Stream
Due to time Constraints I will only be taking $20 sketch commission do be completed in this stream
-Try to keep your request tame (no explict things)
-Be Respectful
-you can have up to 5 commissions
-each image is a single character commission (for time's sake)

Also to help out a friend :iconangelgts: , please go to her journal entry in this link - Mini Stories by Grildrig!Hey all!
First off, I'd like to thank everyone for all the support since I've been back. You've all been so awesomeLove
Anyhoo, I'm very happy to announce that I'll be offering a new commission add-on:
For any style of commission you order, you can have your own CUSTOM MINI-STORY to go with your drawing, written by Scott Grildrig :iconsgrildrig: of giantess writing fame. You can check out samples of his stories (if you haven't already!) over at giantessworld's old archive (Just scroll down to Scott Grildrig). I believe he's also been uploading a few on his DA page.
You can also have your story (or part of it) laid out on your illustration - storybook style or off to the side.
Kinda like this:

Mini-stories are an additional $15 for any commission style
(just enough for Gril's pizza budget for the month I'm hungry...Get in my belly!)
 It's a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself. So if you have the cash, show your support, if you don't then pass on the word in your journal entry. Also be sure to check out her gallery and the rest of the members here on DA below I have listed.


Also a friend of mine, :iconbioyugi: is doing a really huge project and needs any help he can get to help it become reality. He needs really good ideas and writers, so if you have something or you think you can help, shoot a comment over at our group and follow the link here - Expansion-based Visual NovelGrowth Academy (alpha version 0.1) is out!
What is Growth Academy? Growth Academy is an 18+ Visual Novel/Dating Sim centered around expansion fetishism for the purposes of entertainment, artistic exploration, and sexual expression. The basic premise is as follows:
You're Hotsure Keisuke. You've been transferred to Seichou Gakuen (Growth Academy), a high school for gifted students. Except apparently by gifted, they mean the student body has some really odd shapes to it. Choose your waifu and win her heart before the school year ends!
It is in its developmental infancy and is growing over time into a more complete game. What exists now is a proof of concept and beginning.
Now Enrolling!
The project needs support! Writers, artists, musicians, and even signal boosters and idea men. No game of this nature can exist without content, and so content providers are in high demand in order to see this come to fruition.
 Let's make this community proud by helping out a fellow artist make this big project become something even bigger. So show your support Thumbs Up


Here are Two folks taking Commissions, please check them out below and see what they can do for you. Show your support to the community and they will return the favor :D (Big Grin) 

Spotlight Spotlight
:icongiganticluv: Commission List for Stories. 
STORY COMMISSION Updatethis is just a little update is all
here are the Prices
Giantess Growth
1 gts - $5.00
2 gts - $6.00
3 gts - $7.00
4 gts - $8.00
5 gts - $9.00
Slow growth extra $2.00
Moderate growth extra $4.00
Fast Growth extra $6.00
1 gts - $6.00
2 gts - $7.00
3 gts - $8.00
4 gts - $9.00
5 gts - $10.00
Slow Growth extra $2
Moderate growth extra $4.00
Fast Growth extra $6
1 gts - $8.00
2 gts - $9.00
3 gts - $10.00
4 gts - $ 11.00
5 gts - $12.00
Slow Growth extra $2
Moderate growth extra $4.00
Fast Growth extra $6.00
1 gts - $9.00
2 gts - $10.00
3 gts - $11.00
4 gts - $12.00
5 gts - $13.00
Slow Growth extra $2
Moderate growth extra $4.00
Fast Growth extra $6.00
12ft to 15ft - $3.00
15ft to 25ft - $6.00
30ft to 40ft - $9.00
45ft to 50ft -$12.00
60ft to 80ft $15.00
100ft to 350ft $18.00
400 to 500ft $21.00
Mega GTS $24.00
Galactic GTS $30.00
Just send me a note on which female from any anime, comic or Cartoon show that you want me to give the GTS treatment
I a

Spotlight Spotlight
:icondomo-sensei: 's Commission Info!
COMMISSION INFO! [Streaming Soon!]Stream Link:
Welp, I'm broke as can be. Basically I just finished paying the rent and bills, and it cost a bit more this month than I thought it would, so I'm out of money to live on for about the next week and a half. I just need a bit to make ends meet while I'm transitioning between jobs, so here we go:

Sketches: $3

    Just a simple drawing of your OC, a character, however you want it. Busty, hourglass or whatnot.
Full Characters: 14$
    A portrait of your character with a monochromatic background:
Full Characters with Background: 20$
    Sweet Poses, bright beautiful backgrounds, all for 20 bucks!
    Add 6$ per character.


A Shout-Out Megaphone to three folks currently doing Requests for me.

:iconrez14: / Patience is a Virtue (part 1) -…

:iconpettyexpo: / Fear of Heights (part 1) -… 

:iconlotp75:Growing Up is Hard to Do Chapter 01

Please be sure to check them both out and their respective galleries. Also be sure to fav and comment them as well! Don't forget, we need to stop this rash of faving, but no commenting! Thank you both for taking up my requests.

I hate the new #tag system... Urrggg!


-Spotlight New Artist to Check OutSpotlight-
(Not in any Order)







:icondarkainarts: Here is a link to buy the Fantasize 1 -…











Featured By Owner:iconleiyuna:  







:new: :iconneogeo20039905:

:new: :iconskinnychimp:








[Projects] /

*Pokemon XY GTS story. Thanks to :iconkruzer:'s drawing…

*:iconcomicalloner: Short Story for him based on his art from this -…

:new: *Sword Art Online Size Changing Story (Working on it 5% complete)

*Attack on Titan GTS story (pending)

*Short OC Story (8% Completed)

New *Short Story Project (Working on Plot) inspired by :iconsaintxtail:'s Giantess Aquarium artwork.

*:iconredacegod350: & :icondkilla390: Collab
Story idea/Fullmetal Panic Fu Mu Fu (80% complete) - (pending)

*Special Pokemon Story for the 4 Years I've been on here. (unknown)

*Metroid Prime GTS / Idea from a Drawing by :iconpogojo:… (10% Complete and Working on now)

:new: *Kagome's Growing Problems (19% Complete)

*100K Growing problems (80% complete)


Spotlight Spotlight
Girlfriend Heart


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