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August 23, 2010
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Warning: Contains Giantess, Slight Breast Expansion, Some Clothes Rippage, Building Destruction, some Vore and other such material. If you are not into to this, please turn away now.

A Taller Black Rose!?
Akiza was no normal duelist. She had special powers since childhood and was feared for it. Being bullied by others and feared has left her pretty hollow inside. But soon the world would fear her far more. Because in the times to come, revenge was going to be served to them all.

The day in New Domino City started out like it normally does. Most of the people who lived here, were selfish and only thought of themselves. Though not all were bad, but one person only saw them as all bad folks. That person was Akiza or know to the public… as the, "Black Rose." A duelist that had psychic powers and was able to make her duel monster cards' come to life and actually hurt you.

But that was going to be the least of everyones worry. Akiza was settled ontop of the roof of a hotel building. She sat there sad to herself and just angry at the people of this world for how they have treated her through out her life. She then spoke out loud wishing she could get revenge on them all. And as if the gods heard her cry. Someone appeared before her wearing a dark cloak. Akiza quickly got up and started at the stranger with a cold stare.

   "Who are you!?" Akiza shouted.

   "I am the Terror of Death or you can just call me, Red."

   "Okay Red… What do you want?" Akiza asked softly.

   "I heard you wanted to exact revenge on the people of this world, so I'm here to grant you that." said Redacegod.

   "Why would you want to help me, your just like them all." shouted Akiza.

Redacegod lowered his head and then stared back into her cold eyes. He then smiled.

   "I'm not like them and I'm not even human to be perfectly honest. But like I said, if you want revenge on them. Then just read this message once. I do warn you though. Be careful where you use it." said Redacegod.

Then before Akiza could respond back to him, he disappeared into thin air and a small message floated softly to the ground. Akiza walked over and picked it up. She barely opened it and saw a few letters, but she didn't read it. She folded it back up and entered into the hotel's rooftop door and made her way down to the floor below the roof. She looked around to see if anyway was around and snuck back into the empty room she was using. She walked over to the bed and flopped down onto it. She stared at the ceiling and thought what the message read and what it would do to her.

She sat up and decided to open the message, she read it through and through and was confused by the words. She placed it back on the bed and just rested back on the bed. She felt so stupid for listening to that stranger. She thought to herself, he was just like them all… Human or not. But as she lie there, she suddenly felt her heart pounding roughly in her chest. She clutched her chest and started to breathe heavely. It was if her whole body was going through and massive shock or something. Her heart beat and breathing continued to get harder and heavier, it felt as if she was dying.

But to make matters worse, someone heard all this noise and reported it to the manager of the hotel. Them manager and two hotel staff members came up to her room and began to pound on the door. Akiza couldn't answer back because of the pain she was in and the fact if they found her now, she couldn't do a thing to stop them. She continued to struggle breathing and soon, blacked out. As she blacked out, she found herself in a dark room. She looked around and saw nothing. But as soon as she turned her head to face forward. Redacegod appeared.

   "YOU! What have you done to me!? Hav-Have I died!?" Akiza shouted.

  "All your life you where looked down upon and feared for your gift. But now is the time for them to look up at you and to fear you for the right reason. Akiza the Black Rose, you are reborn as of now!" shouted Redacegod.

Before Akiza could respond, she came back to and found herself slowly calming down. She stood but quickly fell to the floor. She tried to stand but only manage to get on all four. Then she felt pain across her whole body, but it wasn't pain she was having before the black out. It was pain from the extream tightness of her clothes! She watched as her gloves tore apart and her hands split open the sides. Then she could feel her shoes break apart as her feet grew and grew. Then her breasts popped open the front of her outfit and her shoulders split open the sides of her sleeves.

As she tried to stand, she bashed her head into the ceiling. Her whole body was still growing at an alarming rate. Akiza was scared out of her mind. Soon she couldn't stand straight and allowed her back to press against the ceiling. Soon the only remaining clothes left on her was the shreaded remains of her outer clothing and her black underwear. The Hotel Manager and his two staff members finally busted in and saw the now super sized girl.

They step back and stared at her with fear from her size, but Akiza noticed something different in their eyes. They were afraid of her size, not who she was. This made her form a deep sinister smile. Akiza pushed up on the ceiling and forced it to collapse into the whole room. Akiza soon was on the roof of the building and stood to her full height. As stretched the reaming of her clothes fell off and she was left with a very small bra and panties still on her.

   "This feels so good!! I can't believe how good this feels to be this big!" Akiza said to herself.

But she hadn't notice she was still growing in size!! Soon her height was so big, it started to cause the floor underneath her to collapse. She quickly fell threw each of the five floor building. She was now in the lobby and a few people were crushed underneath her butt and legs. Akiza giggled at this and looked at everyones reaction to her falling threw the ceiling. Everyone jetted out of the hotel, just as it slowly fell apart due to Akiza's growth spurt. She stood in the rubble and dust smiling ear to ear. She decided she would need something appropriate to wear since she had nothing now. She grabbed some of the steel bars and rods and bent them to fit her like a swim suit. It wasn't comfortable, but it would work for the time being. After Akiza fitted herself with the new clothing, she notice her bust was quite larger and her figure was slimmer as well.

   "Wow I'm decked out and tall. So now what to do with this new size and figure?" Akiza thought to herself.

People all stood around and stared at the giantess. Akiza smiled again and stomped the street hard. Causing the people in front of her to fall onto their butts and she mange to split the street too. Akiza looked around and announced to everyone she was going to give them a ten second head start before the would be crushed under her mighty foot. Everyone didn't waste time as they ran for blocks and cars drove at alarming speeds. Akiza stood for ten seconds and began to march across the streets of New Domino city. Each step she took caused a slight earthquake. Soon she arrived at a traffic jam. She picked up a car and peeked inside of it. She smiled and told the people in the car to fly. She then threw the car and it flew over two block and exploded as it hit a street pole. Akiza watched in joy and then decided to crush the several cars in front of her. This too brought her much joy. The air quickly filled with the smoke and fire.

Akiza grew bored of crushing cars, so she walked onto the other side of the street and pressed up against a building. She pushed on it and it barely moved. The people on the forth floor were getting an excellent view of Akiza's cleavage, they stared in lust and didn't notice she was trying to topple the building they were in. Akiza backed up and pressed her whole body against the building which caused an ocean of glass to burst into the third and fourth floors. Then men who where staring at her cleavage where now in pain from the glass shards. Akiza continued to push harder and harder and still didn't mange to topple it. She quickly began to grow angry and without noticing it, she unleashed her psychic powers and the whole building blew apart and covered everything around it in debre and rubble.

Akiza was proud of what she had just done. She walked over the rubble and saw a tanker truck sitting all by itself. She picked it up and chucked it. It slammed into a gas station and exploded. The explosion was so powerful, it blew her backwards. She then landed on several people and cars and crushed them flat with her butt. All Akiza did in response to this was by saying, "Opps" and she just laughed afterwards. She had manged to destroy a good 2 blocks thus far in damages, but she was far from done. Akiza scanned her surroundings and became discouraged by the fact of everything around her. The size of buildings and other such stuff was a little or way bigger than her current height. She could use her psychic powers again, but she found that to make it way too easy. Then she tried to remember how the message that Red gave her went. And as if on cue, she began to fill a burst of energy, surge through out her entire body. She began to rise upwards and soon was topping nearly a quarter of the buildings in New Domino. People gazed up at the growing goddesses and just stared in aww and fear.

Akiza's growth was causing her steal bikini to become even more uncomfortable than it first was. But she pressed the pain in the back of her head and enjoyed the boost in size instead. She finally topped at 100 feet tall and just couldn't help but laugh evilly. She looked down and noticed the big difference in everything around her feet. But also that her bust had grew several more feet in size as well.

   "Gees… Are my boobs going to keep growing with me as well? This could get a little annoying… Oh well, as long as I can keep rampaging, I don't care if they grow to Z cup or bigger." Akiza said to herself.

She took one step and notice her quakes where stronger now too. This brought even more joy. She lifted her foot high off the ground and slammed in down hard. The whole street split under the foot stomp and all the buildings in the surrounding area either cracked or lost every single window. Akiza was quite proud of the amount of destruction from just a foot stomp. Akiza decided it was time to change up the landscape. She ran really hard, which caused a lot of destruction and a lot of the streets to collapses into itself. Akiza stopped and turned around to see her work.

   "Oh wow! All that damage from running. This is so much fun, but I think I through playing with all of you. Time to end this!" Akiza shouted.

She began to remember the words in the message again, but she was stopped but someone. She heard something and looked down. It was Red again.

   "Akiza I warn you now, you may be getting your final act of revenge on the city that betrayed you, but if you recite it one more time. This will end it all." said Redacegod.

   "End it all? I… I don't care, I'm going to do it." Akiza shouted.

Red just shrug his shoulders and then disappeared. Akiza remembered the words and again began to grow, but this time it lasted a lot longer. Soon she began to tower over most of the buildings in the city and her steel bikini began to burst open and fall to pieces as her growth continued further. Soon her hipps sliced threw a set of buildings she was standing beside and everyone could barely gaze up at her anymore. This was the end for them all. Akiza notice the tallest building in New Domino was now only Knee high to her now.

   "Oh wow, I freakin huge. This is quite fun." Akiza said to herself.

But as her height reached the miles area, the whole city of new domino began to shift and started to sink into the ocean!! Water pounded through city block after city block. It didn't take long for the water to reach Akiza's feet and the cooling water felt good to her feet. Her size didn't hault, she continued even still to expand even further and soon her head began to peak through the earth's atmosphere. Akiza quickly freaked out and held her breath, but was quite surprised that she could still breathe. But soon she could feel her body lifting away from the earth and her size soon stopped around planet sized.

   "Wow!! Red was right, this will end it all. I'm no longer Black Rose, I'm now the Rose Goddess!!!" Akiza shouted.

Akiza viewed the earth with a killer lust for destruction, but figured, letting them live under her fearful watch. Would be far better torture for them all. Akiza floated around the earth's orbit and became the new ruler of their lives. Akiza's wrath would be know through out the world's history as the most terrible act of terror to ever fall upon mankind.

---THE END---
Alright I finally made another update. I will get this said first, I know this story isn't too great like my other works. But I wanted to try something a little and to get my brain jumped started again.

Which has worked, again I'm sorry this does not contain a whole lot of what a lot of my viewers like, but trust me. This will help me down the line. Also I think this makes my very first planet sized Giantess :D

Anywho, thank you all for your patients and I hope to update soon.

Notice! I Do Not Own Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's or It's Characters
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