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August 25, 2007
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

This story contains growing girls,breasts and cloths ripping Fetishes!!!

You have been warned!!!


Chapter 4:new heights
As hinata was sitting on what use to be her bed,she had to think of a way to get out of her house,without doing too much damage to it. As she was thinking of a plan,not too far outside the leaf village,Was a group of rogue ninjas plaining for quick capture for one of the Hyuuga clan daughters,Hinata. This rogue ninjas go from village to village capturing high ranking and beautiful girls,and sell them back to the highest bidder.

But they also want to pay back naruto,with a slice to his throught. Anyways back to hinata. Still sitting there thinking and wondering the best way to get out of her house,with the least amount of damage. She finaly rises up,but shortly after sitting up,she bashed her head agaist the ceiling again.

Hinata:ouch,that really hurt!! She rubed her head a few times,and went back to what she was about to do. She starts to crawl threw her bedroom door and barly manges to squeeze threw it,without causing any real damage to it. Hinata:well thats one door down,one more to go.

She continued her path threw the hallway,and made it to one of her hardest challenges yet,"The stares"!! Hinata:I hope the stares can handle my new weight.
She place one hand on the stares,and then her other hand. She slowly and carefully crawled down the stares and about half way down them. She heard a noise at the door and someone was walking in. She just completely froze and just started at the door slowly opening,wondering who the heck it was.

Then all of a sudden naruto walked in. As he was walking in,it dawned on hinata,naruto is going to see you are 9 feet tall and naked!!!! She quickly became embarressed. Naruto turned around and saw a very tall and naked Hinata!!! Naruto:holy crap hinata!!! What the hell happen to you!!? She couldn't get one word out,and the stupid crystal started to glow!!! Then she started to grow again,and she heard a noise,she wish she wasn't going to hear.

She heard the stares cracking!!! She tried to crawl down it faster,but the stares gave way first before she could make it to the bottom. And down came giant hinata,onto naruto. She fell on top of him and as she sat up again,she felt something between her legs,she looks down and sees naruto's head pop up at of legs,but very close to her pussy.

This didn't help her embarrassment at all. The crystal started to glow deep black red,but was shortly cut off by something busting into her house. As the smoke cleared and the dust settled. Naruto and Hinata were wondering what the heck justed busted into her house. Then something walked out of the smoke,and it was the rogue ninjas!!!! The ninjas were kinda of shock to see there prize has grown much bigger from the last encounter.

Leader Pyro:wow,are prize has gotten a lot more sweeter and much more beautiful. Naruto:hey who the hell are you guys!!? Leader Pyro:thats none of your business,and lets just say your on are menu you boy. Then as naruto was trying to pull himself out from between hinata's legs,the rogue ninja sprang into action,and both naruto and Hinata were knocked out and captured as well.

A few hours later,naruto started to wake up and he saw a room filled with lots of pretty and young girls all tied up. Naruto:whats going on here? Then he heard someone taking in the next room,one of them was talking about hinata. As they were talking,naruto came up with a brilliant idea. He began to make his signs and said,"Sexy Jutsu"!! Then poof he tured into a hot naked blonde girl!!!

Now all I have to do is,get one of those stupid guards to come up to me and bamm right in the groins,he he he he as naruto thought to him self. One of the guards walks into the room and notices and very cute naked blonde girl.
Guard:hello you sexy thing,I don't remember you being in are inventory. Naruto:oh thats so mean of you sir.

Guard:well I could make it up to you. Naruto almost wanted to gag at the stupidty of this guard. But naruto played along anyways. Naruto:Oh could you. He walks right up to him and naruto slams his foot right at his groins!!! The guard was hit so hard,he didn't even scream and he made a face plant into the floor. Naruto changed back to his normal form and used his toe to grad a Kunai knife from the guard's pouch,and use it to cut the ropes.

Naruto:ha ha,Im finaly free,man what a stupid guard. I'll never know why older guys are such perverts. But thats not important now,I've got to find Hinata. He quickly ran threw the halls and was trying to find Hinata quickly. He finaly found her,and found alot of guards watching her. Naruto could have silently knocked them out,but thats not naruto for ya. He runs in screaming and pretty much punching anything in his way.

But as soon as he knocked out the last guard,100 or more came bashing in at him!!
They surrounded him quickly. Now he was in deep trouble,but it got worse,there leader Pyro walks into the room aswell. Leader Pyro:my,my,my,you sure have caused my men a lot of trouble haven't you boy!!! Naruto:my name is not boy,my name is Naruto Uzumaki,get right you dirt bag!!! Leader Pyro:your name is no consern to me. Naruto:oh ya,well take this...Shadow Clone Jutsu!!!

Leader Pyro:so you know an advance jutsu,very nice. But it won't be enough to defeat my men!!! Naruto:I know,thats why Im puling out this,"Sexy Jutsu"!! "Poof"
In a mear second,over 100 naked blonde girls pop out of no where!!! All of Pyro's men fell to the ground with noise bleeds. Leader Pyro:fucking idiots,hhmmm very impressive,but it won't work on me boy!!! Naruto:stop calling me boy!!!! He suddenly dashes towards Pyro and slams his fist into his face,but quickly found out,he wasn't joking about it not working on him. Pyro slams his fist into naruto's stomach and naruto poofed back to his normal form once again.

Leader Pyro:do you want to know how I made your friend grow? Naruto:"cough" wait your the one who made her that size!!! Leader Pyro:yes I did,you see we lay a special type of crystal on the ground,and when our female target touches it. It quickly becomes active,and we track them down and capture them. Then we sell them back to the highest bidder. Naruto:you still haven't explain why hinata is so huge. Leader Pyro:I was getting to that boy.

You see we seem to find alot of are clients like tall women,but as you can see,your friend grew a little bit earlier than expected. It also seems that the crystal has made her a bit bigger than most of are catches grow. Naruto:you monster,how could you do that to them. Leader Pyro:I really don't have to explain myself to you.

So now I think its time for you to die!!!! Naruto:aahhhh!!! But pyro's attack didn't connect,for a huge hand was blocking him. He looks up and sees that the giant Hinata has block his attack. Leader Pyro:you bitch,how dare you block me!!! Fine I'll kill you too!!!! Naruto:no you want!!!! Naruto pulled back his fist and slamed a Kunai knife into his right arm and then slamed his fist into his face as hard as he could punch,and Pyro went flying into a wall. He hit the wall so hard,he went right threw it and he was knocked out cold as ice.

Naruto:thank you hinata. But hinata began to become embarrassed again!!! And the crystal wasted no time into making her grow. Naruto:wha....wha....why are you growing again hinata!!? Hinata:you see I grow when ever Im shy or become embarrassed. She stoped growing at 11 feet tall. Naruto started to turn red,as he stared at hinata's naked tall body. Naruto:uummm,Im going to go and release the girls from here,alright. She nodded yes.

Naruto freed all the girls from the building and helped them escape. He went back inside to get hinata,but soon found out that Pyro wasn't really knocked out. Leader Pyro:damn you boy,damn you to hell. Im going to take you and this entire building down to hades!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!Narto:oh crud,Hinata we need to get out of here now!!! They began to run,but naruto wasn't moving as fast as hinata. So she scooped him up and she dashed out of there as fast as possible.

The second they made to the outside,the entire place went BooooM!!!! Naruto:man that was close. Thank you hinata. Hinata:oh,you welcome naruto. She held back her embarrassement barly,and Her and naruto went over to the girls and made sure they were alright. But he heard some people coming towards them,so him and hinata ran of into the woods. All the girls were found and sent back to there villages. But naruto and hinata found a large shed out in the woods.

Naruto:well I guss well have to camp out in this shed for now. Hinata:do you think I'll ever be normal again naruto? Naruto:ya Im sure of it hinata. She was happy to hear him say that. As they both fell asleep,hinata suddenly woke up,and stared at naruto. She was beginning to think of something a little dirty. she slides over to him very slowly and kisses him with her lips.

She tried her best to hold back her racing heart and the very deep blushing that was occuring on her face. She sat up and nothing happen. Hinata:I think I have it under control.

...................................................The next morning.....................................................
Naruto woke up and his lips were a little bit wet from hinata's secret kiss. But anyways he got up and scratching his head. But as he was walking he bumped into hinata's super sized breast!! She was still sleeping though. But naruto isn't a pervert,but when your staring at a bare of huge breast,any person would probably
allow there desires to take control of them.

Naruto began to feel and touch her soft huge breast,and as he was doing this. The
crystal started to glow brightly again. Naruto suddenly noticed this and he quickly stoped what he was doing. He watched as hinata started to grow and grow and grow. Her breast were growing larger and larger. She was quickly taking up space and it wasn't showing any signs of stopping niether. He watched as her body grew and grew. She final woke up when her head bashed the wall. Hinata:wha...wha...whats going on?

Naruto was just speechless,as he watched the naked hianta grow and grow. She started to become extreamly cramed inside the shed,and naruto was quickly out of  the shed. He quickly dashed out of the shed and watched as the shed had problems containing the enlarging girl. She kept on growing and growing,till the entire shed just exploded into a million pieces!!!! Naruto looked up and saw a 100 foot hinata!! Naruto:holy crap!!! Hinata your huge!! Hinata:How did this happen!!?

Naruto's face became red really quick,but all of a sudden the crystal suddenly blew up. Hinata:the crystal,what happen to it? Naruto:I guss you grew too big for it and it just couldn't make you any bigger. Hinata:well a least I don't have to worry about growing when ever I become embarrassed anymore I guss. Naruto:ya I guss thats one way to look at it. Hinata:hey naruto....could you find me something to wear? Naruto:sure hinata,no problem.

...............................................A week or so later........................................................
Hinata wasn't able to get back to her normal size,but she became use to her new height. It was hard at first,but she couldn't have it any better with naruto;)

Chapter 4:end
The final chapter to Hinata's growing problem.

Also I would like to give special thanks to :iconsanone: and
:icontwilight-prince1002:,for there help in Hinata's last chapter :)

To the previous chapter:[link]

Note:I do not own Naruto or its characters.
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haruau Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
Growth caused by emberrasment, oh boy that's gonna be impossible to control when they get back to the village because every guy'll starring at her like she's the goddess of lust for men (or something like that).

very original, other stories that I've read had the growth caused by a jitsu, some other emotion or something else.
redacegod350 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Yeah :D

Well thank you, when I write this stuff, I try to do different ways. So thanks for that.
haruau Featured By Owner 4 days ago
it makes you stand out from other writers, which is a good thing, at times.
redacegod350 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Yep, now if I can just get back to posting something every so century ^^; 
maxinhell Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
So many typos T-T
redacegod350 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
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