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Warning: Contains Giantess, Breast Expansion, Clothes Rippage, Some Animal Transformation and Some Muscle Expansion. If your not into this sort of stuff, Turn Away Now!! You have been Warned.

--High School of Beauties and Freaks--

It was the 3 days before Halloween and Karakura Town was preparing for some big events. The School Ichigo was going to was also doing something special as well for this event. A lot of the students were required to gather lots of supplies for the school and were going to turn the whole school into a hunting ground. Ichigo wasn't really into the whole idea, but that was because that was just the way he was. Everyone was getting into it and Rukia especially. Since she had never done this back in the Soul Society But as things go around Halloween anywhere around the world, weird things were going to happen. This is where it all begins.

Orihime and Rukia were in charge of getting candy, but given this was Orihime, Tatsuki volunteered to go along with them. Ichigo, Chad, Keigo, and Mizuiro were in charge of finding scary stuff to place around the school and other important stuff for the event. Other classmates were given other jobs. So the entire school had there jobs and only 3 days to get it done. The race was on for the Halloween event. Everything was going as planned till Rukia find some strange candy. It had a few letters on each of it's pieces, Rukia found this as pretty cute and took the box. As they paid for the goods, Rukia asked Orihime and Tatsuki if they would like a piece. They both said yes to this. Tatsuki picked a piece that was marked with the lettering, "F.M.G." and Orihime picked a piece with the lettering, "?.?.?." Rukia on the other hand just picked a piece at random and ate a piece with the lettering, "GTS." The three dropped off the boxes of candy and went back home. The sun fell and the end of the day was here. But as the three girls slept, they where blanketed by the moon's light. What awaited them the next morning was going to be quite strange.

---The Next Morning---

The Sun arose and peaked through Ichigo's bedroom window. The light peaked through into his closet and this awoke Rukia. Ichigo got up and gave a light tape on the door, letting Rukia know it was time to get ready. He walked downstairs for breakfast. Rukia opened up the closet and got dressed into her school uniform. But found the uniform to be a little snug than normal.

   "That's odd, I don't remember my skirt being so tight around my waist. Am I gaining weight or something? But that's impossible, Mod souls don't gain weight…" Rukia said to herself.

Rukia walked to Ichigo's window and just as she was going to jump out. Kon had noticed Rukia was up and hopped beside her.

   "Good morning Rukia, give Kon a good morning Kiss." said Kon.

   "Knock it off Kon!!" Rukia said as she slapped him across the bedroom.

Rukia jumped out the window and landed in Ichigo's front yard. But as Kon slowly recovered from Rukia's slap. He noticed it was a little stronger than normal. This made Kon fearful that Rukia may be getting stronger in her hits. Rukia heard some commotion in Ichigo's house and knew it was probably Ichigo's dad again. Rukia heavily sighed and then laughed a little. Ichigo soon met with her outside and the two walked to school. But as they where near the half-way point. Ichigo noticed Rukia's school uniform looked a little ill fit.

   "Hey, what happen to your uniform? It looks a little tight." said Ichigo.

   "I don't know… It was like this when I changed into it this morning." Rukia explained.

Soon they meet up with Orihime and her uniform looked a little ill fit as well. They three walked to school and went into there classes. But as the school day went on, Orihime began to start feeling more changes and her school shirt began to stretch the buttons tightly and making wider spaces in the gaps. Orihime didn't notices this at all. At lunch things were getting more weirder. Orihime was sitting down and eating her lunch and noticed Tatsuki coming over to sit with her, and the first thing she noticed was that Tatsuki was missing her sleeves.

   "What Happen to your sleeves Tatsuki?" Orihime asked shocked.

   "I have no idea, I woke up this morning and as I stretched the sleeves just burst open. My Muscles have gotten bigger over night! And I don't know how." Tatsuki explained.

Orihime thought this was very weird and as she took a bite over peanut butter and ketchup sandwich. A button on her shirt popped off and landed on the table. But a certain someone heard this pop and rushed on over at the speed of lighting. It was none other than Chizuru.

   "Oh Orihime, your bust popped a button, that is just so cute. Let's get you changed out of that undersized shirt and get you in something more comfortable." said Chizuru playful like.

Tatsuki grew angry and gave her fist in the gut. Chizuru fell to the ground with the air knocked out of her. But Orihime noticed that Tatsuki's rip grew a tad bigger.

   "Did Tatsuki's muscles just get bigger?" Orihime asked herself.

Tatsuki grabbed Orihime by the arm and took her to the bathroom. Tatsuki found a school uniform a tab bit bigger for Orihime to wear. After getting changed up, the two returned just in time to finish there lunches. The bell rang and everyone retuned to class. But All things weren't getting any better. Rukia found that she was constantly adjusting her uniform all day long. It felt like it was getting more snug every hour that passed. She finally got so annoyed by this, she went in search for a bigger size after her 3rd class was over. After changing, she returned in time for her final class of the day. The teachers told that the students that are on the list should return to school early in the morning to get some of the Halloween stuff ready before the weekend.

So after class was over, everyone looked at the list to see which ones needed to return early. Everyone left had left and tomorrow would be Halloween Eve. Night fall came and Rukia returned to Ichigo's closet, but to her surprise, it was a tad cramped than normal.

   "Oh what the heck, first my uniform mysteriously shrinks and now the closet has shrunk too!? What the heck is going on?" Rukia asked herself.

Rukia had a hard time falling asleep, but finally managed to. As the night time past through, Halloween Eve had arrived finally and the start of some weird stuff was about to unfold.

---Halloween Eve Morning---

Orihime was one of the few that had to return early. The sun was barely up and she notices that she was one of the first to be at the school. Everyone was getting stuff put up and some students were already wearing there costumes. Chizuru was one of the students to have to return early as well. Orihime noticed that Chizuru was eating one of the candies that Rukia found. Orihime asked how it was and Chizuru just said, "There really good, tell Rukia thanks."
Orihime was pleased to hear that. But just as Orihime turned to walk down the hallway, Chizuru went and grabbed her breasts from behind!! Orihime let out a surprised scream and Chizuru just giggled and happily her breasts.

   "Oh Orihime, you're breasts are so soft and much bigger than they normally are." Chizuru said happily.

Orihime was too shocked to have heard what Chizuru had said, but back at Tatsuki's home. Tatsuki's was sleep talking and was thinking about beating the crap out of Chizuru today. And just then, Chizuru felt a cold chill shoot down her spin.

   "For some reason, I feel very afraid. I'll see you later Orihime." said Chizuru.

   "Oh okay… Well see you later then." Orihime said confused.

Orihime continued her way down the hall and saw a lot of the props had been placed and were looking really good. She heard they were dressing up the gym into a hunted house sort of theme and she wanted to help out. She walked over to the gym, but not before she felt this sharp pain in her lower back. She fell to her knees in pain, but it slowly faded away. She limped a little before her steps went back to normal. She walked in and saw a lot of students working hard to get everything up. She asked a few students on what she could help with. They told her to help pull the ropes to lift up the walls. She walked over to the ropes and pulled hard. The walls lifted slowly, but moved quicker as a few more students joined in to pull it up. The walls were set in there place and they nearly had half the gym sight completed. So they all decided to take a rest and as they did, one student asked Orihime where she had got the costume piece.

   "What costume piece?" replied Orihime.

  "Why the cat ears silly." said Random Student.

  "Cat ears!?" Orihime asked shockingly.

She patted her head and felt fuzzy cat ears!! She pulled on them and it hurt. She then realized they weren't costume pieces… they were real cat ears!! Orihime got really freaked out and excused herself. She ran to the girl's bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw for herself she did in fact had cat ears.

   "Ho-how did this happen? Where did they come from?" Orihime asked herself.

Suddenly she felt pressure build in her chest and she bent over holding her stomach. Then the pain just spiked and she thrusts her whole body forward and blew every button of her shirt uniform. She looked in the mirror and noticed her bra was super constricted around her breasts. She could also see some redness around the sides. She cupped her breasts and could tell they had swollen nearly twice there normal size. This caused Orihime to worry more now. She looked around for something to wear and found that some students had left some material laying around outside the gym. She also managed to find a particular hat that would go perfect with the material she had found. She ran to the bathroom and changed into her new outfit. She returned back to the gym and everyone was surprised by her outfit change and they were also impressed as well.

   "Oh wow Orihime, you're witch costume is just amazing!!"

   "Ya totally amazing!! I wish I had one as good as yours."

Was some of the stuff students had said to her.  Orihime smiled proudly and felt she could hide her swollen bust and her cat ears. She continued to help everyone inside the gym.  But over at Ichigo's house, things weren't going to be as easy.

The sun peaked through his window and Ichigo slowly rose up to get breakfast. Rukia slowly awoke and rolled out of the closet and onto the floor. Rukia stood up and felt her pajamas were really tight on her. She looked at the closet and figured it wasn't going to be impossible to change inside it anymore. So just as she raised her shirt above her belly button, she realized someone was still in the room.

   "Kon… Leave the room now so I can change. If I open my eyes  and find you still in this room, you'll wish a Hollow had torn you apart." Rukia said in a stern tone.

Kon quickly came out from his hiding spot and dashed out of the room. Rukia opened her eyes and didn't see Kon, she closed Ichigo's bedroom door and started to change. But she seem to have a tough time getting her shirts over head and shoulders and as she tugged harder, you heard a loud rip come afterwards. She finally mange to pull the shirt off and found a huge gash in it now. Rukia sighed and moved to her pants, but yet again struggled to get off as well. She fell to the floor and rolled all over the floor attempting to pull off the pants, but after several minutes of fighting them, she mange to just rip them off.

   "What the Hell!? Why are theses clothes so tight!?" yelled Rukia.

She mange to catch her breath and looked for her school uniform. This again resulted in a major fight… Ichigo  finished his breakfast and walked outside to school. Rukia made her leap from his bedroom window down to the ground and walked with Ichigo. Though Ichigo kept giving her a funny look.

   "What is it Ichigo!?" Rukia shouted.

   "It's nothing really, but why the heck are your school uniform so undersized?" Ichigo asked.

   "I have no idea, it's like they shrunk or something. But I really have no choice but to go like this till I get to the school." Rukia explained.

Ichigo shook his head and just let out a heavy sigh. But he really didn't notice Rukia's height had change quite a bit as well. But things were just getting started. Ichigo and Rukia arrived at school and Rukia got a lot of stares, both perverted and disbelief. Rukia's skirt was really close to showing her panties and her shirt was exposing a lot of cleavage between the buttons. This was really embarrassing Rukia to no end. But her awkward on lookers were soon going to be looking at someone else. Tatsuki had entered the school grounds and everyone just went bugged eyed practically. Her skirt wasn't as ill fit as Rukia's was, but the rest of her clothes were really tight and showed quite a few rips all over. But this was because Tatsuki had gained a significant amount of muscle growth over night, she still retained a bit of her somewhat feminine look. Even though she looked more tom-boyish than a girl.

But everyone was just surprised to see this. Rukia and Tatsuki walked quickly into the school and soon everyone finally snapped out of their shocked expressions and made their way into the school as well. Orihime was the last to make it to school and barely made it before the final bell. She snuck into class without the teacher noticing her being a minute or so late. But she was wearing a witch's costume in class. Everything giggled softly, which Orihime could hear. She quickly became embarrassed and tried to hide her face. The teacher hadn't notice the costume yet. She was too busy writing on the chalk board.

   "Today class will be fifteen minutes shorter due to the prepping for our Halloween festival tomorrow. So let's all be on our best behavior…" The Teacher trailed off near the end.

She noticed Orihime wearing the Halloween costume and told her to take it off. Orihime told her she couldn't and this upset the teacher, she ordered one more time to take it off and Orihime again refused too. The grew angry and walked over to her and yanked her witch's hat off. When she did, two cat ears perked right up. Everyone started blankly for a second and began to laugh. It looked so funny on Orihime's head. The teacher ordered her to take off the cat ears and Orihime yet again refused too, so the teacher attempted to pull them off her head as well, but when she did. Orihime let out a scream of pain and the teacher thought she had super glued them or something. That is till she got a good fill for them.

   "Oh my God!! There real!?" The Teacher said in total shock.

Orihime noticed everyone had quit laughing and just stared at her oddly. She could hear some of the students saying, "what a freak." or "I thought she was different before, but this takes the cake." Orihime's face grew red again and she ran out of the class room crying her eyes out. She mange to retreat to the girls bathroom and just let her eyes weep. But as she cried, she could feel a pitching sensation coming from right above her butt. It grew more painful, like it was splitting her skin open or something. She gripped her fingers tightly on the bathroom sink and just as quickly as it started, it was over. But not before she heard a loud rip come from behind. She looked to see that sound was and what she saw in the mirror just stunned her. It was a Cat Tail!! Orihime let out a scream and quickly covered her mouth, she had hoped no one heard her scream. She stared at it and could believe she had real cat ears and now a real cat tail. She looked back into the mirror and also notice her bust was bigger as well.

   "What is going on with me?" said Orihime.

After she had said that, she felt tiny pitches on her cheeks. No where near as painful as her tail was, but still a tiny bit painful. In mere seconds she sprouted four cat whiskers on each side of her face and her pupils shifted into a more animal like shape and so did the coloring as well. Orihime grew more scared by this, but yet she wasn't done yet. Soon she could feel some of her teeth morphing into cat like teeth instead, yet most of her teeth remained the same.

   "Wha-what happen to me? I look almost like a cat!" Orihime shouted to herself.

She thought this was so weird, but also freaked her out. She figured she needed to get out of the school, but it was still the middle of the day. She peaked her head out the bathroom door and saw no one outside the classes. She ran out of the door and towards the stairs, but just as she was a mere two feet away from them. The first class change up bell rang and everyone quickly exited there respective classes. Orihime could have just died where she stood. It was too late to run now, everyone had already began to notice her and the stairway was filled with students as well. Orihime didn't know what to do, she was too scared to move. Tatsuki happen to hear all the commotion in front of her and when she got to the front, she noticed it was Orihime. She could see she was totally embarrassed and absolutely scared out of her wits. Tatsuki ran to her and stood in front of her. She spread out her arms and told everyone to just leave and ignore her. Orihime noticed her friend sticking up for her, but she quickly notices everyone had stopped paying attention to her and redirected there attention to Tatsuki.

   "What!? What is it!?" Tatsuki demanded.

Everyone just stood there a stared blankly, It didn't take long for Tatsuki to realize what they were staring at. When Tatsuki ran to Orihime's aid, she hadn't noticed her school uniform was on the brink of tearing apart! Tatsuki looked down and watched all her muscles bulge and burst apart the sleeves and socks of her uniform. Her skirt grew tightly around her waist, but the only things shredding apart was her shirt and shoes. Tatsuki grew a couple inches, but it was her muscles doing must of the growing. Soon Tatsuki's shirt busted open and so did her bra! Her sleeves blew open and exposed some major muscle gain. Tatsuki quickly grabbed the ends of her shirt and tied them together.

   "What the hell is going on!?" Tatsuki yelled.

The students starred in disbelief and soon Tatsuki and Orihime could hear some saying the word, "Freaks." This upset Tatsuki even more and the anger seem to speed up the muscle growth. Tatsuki soon looked like a female hulk. But that was the least of anyone's worries. Everyone gasped and began to back away. Tatsuki expressed and confused look and turned around to catch Orihime growing in size!

   "Ori-Orihime!? What's happening to you!?" Tatsuki asked in a worried tone.

Orihime couldn't answer as she tried her best to hold her costume together. The seems split open around her hips and side of stomach. The gloves split open as her hands and fingers grew longer and longer. All the students just did was stare and take photos of Orihime's growth spurt. Tatsuki threaten to kill anyone who toke any more pictures of her. They took her threat seriously. Orihime didn't know what to do and even with Tatsuki beside her, the problem didn't feel any much better. Orihime stood straight up, which in result torn more of her costume apart. She hoped the stairway and landed on the first floor. When she landed, it caused most of the school to shake. Ichigo and the rest felt this.

   "A Hollow? But I didn't feel anything… I need to find Rukia." said Ichigo.

Ichigo left his class room, but not before running into a huge set of breasts. He fell backwards and hit the back of his head pretty hard. Ichigo asked himself what the hell he hit and as he opened his eyes, He saw some orange hair and a very torn up Witch costume. When he looked up, he nearly died from total shock.

   "Hi Ichigo, sorry about that." Orihime said softly.

   "Wha-what the hell happen to you!?" Ichigo yelled.

Orihime just simply shrugged her shoulders. Ichigo just let out a heavy sigh. But the situation was only going to grow worse.

   "All man… We really need to get you out of this place quick, before anyone else sees you." Ichigo said.

Ichigo grabbed Orihime's hand and pulled her out of the building. Rukia had felt the shack as well, but shook it off since she had her own problems to deal with. Plus she could tell Ichigo had gone to the area she felt it out. Class went on, but not much sooner did Rukia feel a sharp pain shoot up her spine, which caused her to let out a shout of pain. The quickly subsided, but the damage was done. Everyone stared at her and wondered why she did that all of a sudden. The Teacher asked Rukia if she was done shouting in her classroom to continue the assignment. Rukia blushed heavily and said she may continue. Rukia could hear some students snickering in the background. Rukia just wish this day could in, but she could feel the pain arising again, but this time she managed to hold it in this time. As she did hold it in, she felt her blouse buttons pushing upwards and stretching apart quickly! Rukia's embarrassed expression quickly changed to shock. She quickly covered her chest up and tried to cover up what was happening. She soon realized what was happening. Her breasts where inflating, but that was the only thing. She could also feel herself increasing in size while sitting in her desk! She decided she needed to get out of the classroom quickly. She attempted to stand, but found she was stuck. Her butt had gone through some expansion as well, and it pretty much sealed her tight in it.

All she could think was, "Oh Crap!" She sat there confused and was worried on how much more she was going to grow. The question would be answered soon, as should could feel and hear the desk starting to creak under pressure on her weight. She wished with all her might that this would end soon, but it didn't. Finally her desk gave into the pressure and just fell apart. When this happen, everyones attention was now focused on her. As thing could get any worse, her shirt exploded open and revealed a heavy amount of cleavage squeezed in a ready to burst bra! Rukia quickly stood and darted out of the classroom, with the desk chair still attached to her waist line. She ran down the hallways and made her way to the bottom floor. But just as she was about to make it out the door, the sharp pain arrived again and she exploded out of the desk and the rest of her clothes. She shoot up towards the ceiling and blasted through it. She broke through all the floors of the school and she peaked at the rooftop of the school. Parts of her body could be seen in each classroom. People weren't really sure what had just happen.

   "All man… I don't believe this." Rukia said while pouting.

But as it the old saying goes, thing can only get worse, before they get better. (I'm not real sure if such a saying even exists) As Ichigo escorted Orihime out of the building. The two heard the explosion behind them and they both saw a giant Rukia head!

   "Wha-what the hell!?" Ichigo shouted.

Orihime just simply said, "Oh wow." The two just stood there, but suddenly Ichigo's grip on Orihime's hand, became less and less tight, almost like her hand was growing… Ichigo looked over and saw just that, except all of Orihime was growing.

   "Uh… Ichigo, what's happening?" Orihime asked frighten.

Ichigo just stood there as Orihime grew before him. Her remaining costume tore apart and revealed quite a nice view to Ichigo. Ichigo just exploded in a nose bleed and fell to the ground unconscious. Orihime quickly gained height and soon toped off above Rukia's head. Orihime quickly coved up in shame and ripped the banner off the front of the school and wrapped it around her whole body. Orihime felt better now and decided to see if she could give Rukia a hand. Orihime stared at Rukia funny and tried to figure out a way to get her out safely. Then she got the idea of using her powers to slice open a pattern for her. She did it and Rukia fell out of the opening and set off every car alarm with in 5 blocks. Orihime helped her up and dusted her off. Orihime managed to find some tents for the school's Halloween Festival and handed it to Rukia. Orihime turned and noticed that Ichigo was gone.

   "Where did he go?" Orihime asked.

   "Where did who go?" Rukia asked.

   "Ichigo… He was laying right there when I grew out of my costume." Orihime replied.

The two shrugged this off and Orihime searched for Tatsuki and found her on one of the upper floors. Orihime offered out her hand and Tatsuki jumped on to it. The entire school just stood there with there jaws drop. A lot of them even took pictures. All three gals left the school grounds. Rukia was leading the way and Orihime asked where they were going. Rukia simply replied, "Urahara's Place." The three didn't take a lot of time to reach his place. Rukia bent over down to her knees and gave his door a light-hard knock.

   "Who is it?" Urahara playfully asked.

   "RUKIA!!" Rukia shouted.

Urahara opened the door and nearly fell backwards. He then calmly asked what had happen. Rukia explained everything and Urahara quickly realized what had happen.

   "It sounds like you got a hold of some of my tampered candy…" said Urahara.

Rukia held back her wishes of just crushing him, if he were to change them back to normal. Urahara agreed  to do so, but only if he may get some pics of her and Orihime. Rukia clenched her fist and Urahara just placed his hands up and just told her he was joking. He then directed each girl to stand in a different spot. He point a strange looking horn like device and set it to give out the opposite effects. Tatsuki was the first and her muscles melted away. She returned to her normal tom boyish figure. Orihime was next and she lost all her cat-like features and shrunk back down to her modest short and busty figure. And lastly Rukia was shrunken down to her short stature. Rukia then demanded a change of clothes and a total memory wipe of every who saw this. Urahara agreed to this and showed them all to a changing room. As Rukia began to change into something more normal, something fell out between her chest. She bent over and was shocked to see it was Ichigo!! Only shrunken down. Rukia picked him up and then thought on how this could of happen and quickly put it all together. When she fell, she must have fell on top of him and he was stuck to her skin this whole time. Rukia looked at him and smiled wickedly.

   "Well I'll tell Urahara about this a little later. But not before I have some with you." Rukia said.

This could be this Soul Reapers most greatest challenge yet.

(Happy Very Late Halloween and Everyone have a good Thanksgiving.)

The End
All man... This was WAY beyond late :( I am so sorry to everyone and this didn't quite end up quite the way I wanted it, but it's a lot better than I thought it was going to end up ^^;

I wanted to post 3 stories for this Halloween, but things happen... Like always. But maybe next year I'll do better. Anyways been in a down slop for a bit, so just if you where wondering why I have been gone for so long. Any ways, hope you enjoy this and thank you all for the 230,000 Pageviews
:thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

Notice I Do Not Own Bleach or any of it's characters
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